About Us

Radio Help was founded by radio veteran Scott Gilreath. After 30 years in the business, Scott realized his unique skills could be helpful to others in these changing times in the radio industry. He is familiar with the many great programs and products developed by and for radio and his experience and background give him the ability to help them reach the marketplace and realize their monetary values.  

From his first on-air job in Top 40 during the Boss Jocks days of the late '60s to programming gigs (like MD, PD, OPS Manager) and program consulting for Media General, TM Programming, Programming Consultants and Transtar Radio Network, Scott’s experience in radio has also included sales and sales management as well as station and cluster management for both small and large companies. Over the past three decades he has made stops at Clear Channel, Citadel, Cumulus, AMFM, CapStar, Katz Radio/NewCity and Barnstable, as well as Centennial Broadcasting, Oak Broadcasting, Resort Broadcasting, Jefferson-Pilot, Radio Smiles ... get the idea.

This experience, from jock to ownership and all jobs in between (including corporate sales management, both programming and sales consultancy, extensive national radio sales and program syndication), Gilreath and the Radio Help team have developed professional relationships and abilities that provide their limited number of clients the greatest chances of increasing affiliations and growing revenue.

Radio Help
is committed to developing partnerships between radio’s best programs, products and services and radio’s best broadcasters. If you have a daily or weekly music intensive radio program, a music format or a radio-related product or service, such as programming or sales consultancy, music scheduling, station imaging, commercial production, traffic/accounting and/or other radio-related software, etc. we can work with you to increase your affiliate/client list and ultimately your profitability by bringing your products and services to market and keeping them top-of-mind with station decision makers.