Building Profitable Partnerships

With more than three decades of experience, Radio Help is dedicated to building profitable partnerships in radio by connecting radio programming and services with radio broadcasters. We are focused on representing quality product and service providers whose programs, products and services for radio align with our mission to utilize radio for the common good by providing high quality content that inspires the broadcast industry, the listeners and the culture, in a positive way.

Radio Help is committed to developing partnerships between radio’s best programs, products and services and radio’s best broadcasters. If you have a daily or weekly music intensive or spoken word radio program, a music format or a radio-related product or service, such as programming or sales consultancy, music scheduling, station imaging, commercial production, traffic/accounting and/or other radio-related software, etc. we can work with you to increase your affiliate/client list and ultimately your profitability by bringing your products and services to market and keeping them top-of-mind with station decision makers.