Radio Help brings a dedication to success to a partnership with its clients. What’s needed?  Radio Help can provide as little or as much as needed and requested. For some clients we may only provide affiliate sales services for  the entire country or just a particular region or segment the client has identified.  For others we focus on the ability to utilize national commercial inventory to generate revenue.  With some clients we take a bigger role and serve as consultants and advisors.

We urge all our clients to call us first.  While we may not be able to provide everything needed or requested, we do promise we will always make recommendations and provide referrals. From equipment and vendors to FCC attorneys and engineers, we have created relationships we are able to share with our clients.

Consultancy Services

Management – Sales - Programming

Affiliate Sales Representation

When retaining Radio Help, you get a dedicated highly-experienced sales and broadcast veteran with the knowledge and ability to discuss with radio’s decision-makers the benefits of your product and/or services with confidence and passion.

Experience as station owners, managers and program directors allows us to understand the position of the broadcaster and to present a strategic plan of action, to best position your products and services, and to successfully complete the sales cycle by addressing questions, concerns, objections, and criticisms.  And we do all this without the cost of a high salary, benefits, vacation, office costs, etc.

Radio Help provides a universal prospective, having experience with radio stations in all market sizes from coast-to-coast, bringing radio stations and radio vendors together to make radio better

National Sales Representation

Unlike some competitors, Radio Help not only represents its clients to the broadcast industry, but is capable of representing them to the advertising community.  Radio Help has retained the services of United Stations Radio Networks for national advertising sales representation.

Some clients may qualify to exchange their products and services to broadcasters on a barter basis for commercial inventory, which is then used to sell to national radio advertisers.  Based on the audience size of the station or stations used by the client, rate compensation is determined and the client receives compensation.
Please contact Radio Help, LLC for a complete and detailed description of services provided and more information